Your Help Means the World to Us

The Herut women's organization runs twenty-five daycare centers throughout Israel. The centers are open to all Israeli children, including the children of working mothers, new immigrants, single mothers and families supported by the welfare system.

Most of the daycare centers are located in Israel's social and geographical peripheries and some are located in underprivileged areas. Thus for some of the children, for instance those at our multipurpose center in Kiryat Malachi, we serve as an actual home – warm, welcoming and loving – where they spend the day from morning until after dinner. The center supports not only the children but their families as well. We recently opened another multipurpose center in Netanya.

As a supervised public organization which charges subsidized fees, our regular budget doesn't always allow us to advance and fund various infrastructural projects for the children's benefit. For this we regularly use the help of donations from generous people from Israel and the world over, whose willingness to help is greatly appreciated.

With the help of donated funds, in recent years we've done comprehensive renovations in some of the daycare centers, upgraded playgrounds, added bomb shelters to existing centers, built special play spaces for the children (Gymboree rooms), and no less importantly – added a variety of enriching educational activities beyond the regular program, for example, the Pajama Library, a special program for encouraging reading which the organization fully funds in all of its centers.

During the Covid-19 crisis, as financial uncertainty affects us as well, and the organization, like all supervised organizations, is forced to cover many new, unforeseen expenses, donations are more important to us than ever.

All donations, without exception, pass through organization headquarters. For contributors who generously wish to donate substantial sums we offer various options for the use of the donation and together with them we decide where the money is to be spent. We also offer these contributors the option of marking their donation through special plaques at the benefiting daycare center, with their own names or those of any of their dear ones they wish to commemorate.

The Herut women's organization is a non-profit organization and registered foundation. All donations are properly reported and transparent to the Registrar of Foundations, including details on amounts and usage. The organization is authorized by the Israel Tax Authority to receive donations according to Article 46.

To donate –

Bank Transfer: Bank Mizrahi-Tefahot (20), Lev Dizengoff branch (453), account no. 176510

Check: Please send to the Herut Women's Organization, 38 King George St., Tel Aviv 6329802 /

P.O. Box 23067, Tel Aviv 6123001

or contact the organization's office: 03-6201317, 03-6201085

Thank you!


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